What is The Ninos de la Amazonia Project?

Ninos de la Amazonia,

is fascinating visual anthropology

documenting the lives

of the Kukuma Indians in the Peruvian Amazon.

Six children, ages 12 - 15,

were given point and shoot digital cameras,

taught the basics,

and left to record their world

as they see and experience it.

All of the photos were taken

by one of the six children.

The photos are real, intimate and untouched.

How did the Ninos de la Amazonia project begin?

Amy Coplan, founder of the project,

was touched by what she saw

when she visited the village of San Martin de Tipischa

and wanted to do something to help.

After much thought and online research

yielding scant information,

she decided to offer the villagers

the opportunity to tell their story to the larger world

if they wanted...

They did.

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The children documented

all aspects of their lives for one year,

creating photographs

and photographic sequences

that illuminate their everyday realities.